JM Module Courses

Interdisciplinary Europeanisation Studies in Contemporary Teaching and Research

The course is the first interdisciplinary methodology course in Ukraine that is aimed at researchers in different social sciences disciplines. This is the first distance learning course that will bring together experts and academics in area of European Studies. It will lay down the foundation for expansion of interdisciplinary research in EU Studies in Ukraine. Through wider public outreach of the project, the course will enhance European awareness of University lecturers who are not directly involved into teaching of European subjects.

Interdisciplinary Europeanisation Studies

The concept of Europeanisation is a particularly suitable framework for exploration of interdisciplinary approaches in European studies. This concept has been widely exploited in social science and humanities research and recently has been critiqued for its over-inclusiveness and imprecision. The course will expose students to varieties of definitions of Europeanisation and will address these critiques.