Textbook on EU Law

The textbook on EU Law is one of the most comprehensive and updated teaching materials in Ukrainian that covers all aspects of the EU’s institutional and legal system, substantive law and EU citizenship as well as in depth analysis of the EU-Ukraine relations. The structure of the textbook is the following:

  1. Historical evolution of the EU;
  2. EU’s institutions and legal system, EU’s common values;
  3. EU Internal Market and customs union;
  4. EU citizenship and rights of third country nationals in the EU.

The textbook on EU Law serves as main reference source for Ukrainian master students, experts. Legislators, civil servants and judges in the process of implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The textbook will be regularly updated in order to reflect the dynamic development of the EU.

More information is available at https://pravo-izdat.com.ua/Pravo-%D0%84vropejskogo-Sojuzu-