Seminar on Intra-party Democracy co-organized by NaUKMA and Düsseldorf University (Germany)

On May 25-31, 2014, the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy hosted a joint seminar co-organized together with the Party Research Institute (PRuF) at Dusseldorf University (

Member of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Prof. Dr. Andriy Meleshevich took part in this event. The participants discussed prominent issues of internal party democracy and the role of protest movements for social advancement in Germany, Ukraine, and other European countries. The Dean of Law at Kyiv-Mohyla Prof. Dr. Andriy Meleshevich along with the PRuF-Directors Prof. Dr. Thomas Poguntke and Prof. Dr. Martin Morlok as well as students and academics from Ukraine, England, Spain contributed to the seminar. Among the contributors were also Dr. Fernando Bertoa Casal, Nottingham, Dr. Mychailo Wynnicky, Kyiv-Mohyla, Prof. Dr. Julian Krüper, Bochum, Prof. Dr. Richard Sakwa, Kent., Dr.Andreas Umland, DAAD lecturer at Kyiv-Mohyla. The conference was sponsored by the German DAAD and has previously been hosted by the PRuF. Particularly impressive and exciting was the visit of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, where the participants were warmly welcomed by three constitutional justices and had the opportunity to interact with them (


Socialists & Democrats Seminar: Democracy building in Ukraine – New challenges and perspectives (8 April 2014, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium)

Member of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Prof. Dr. Andriy Meleshevich delivered a report at this event.