The European Union strategy for economic growth

Structure of the course: 
  • Conceptions of Strategies for Economic Development in the EU and Ukraine.
  • Structure and Content of Economic Growth Strategy "Europe 2020".
  • Smart Growth: Innovation Union and Digital Society.
  • Enhancing the Education and Research systems.
  • Competitiveness and the EU Trade Policy.
  • The EU Industrial Policy.
  • The EU Strategy to Ensure Sustainable Growth.
  • The EU Strategies to Modernise Labor Markets.
  • Inclusive Growth and European platform against poverty.
The aims of the course: to get understanding the conception of socio-economic backgrounds of the European Union’s modern strategic policy for economic growth, to compare it with the Ukrainian programs of economic reforms in context the problems of Ukrainian Eurointegration. Objectives: to study the theory and practice of programming strategic economic development of the European Union, the conceptions and structure of the current program "Europe 2020", to obtain knowledge, skills and abilities for comparative economic analysis of strategic approaches of the European Union and Ukraine, to be understanding the approaches and methods to monitor results of the strategic objectives implementation, to form competencies to elaborate measures of current socio-economic policies that will promote Ukraine's European integration. For the selected themes, the course uses an interdisciplinary approach.
Prof. in charge: 
Iurii Bazhal
Discipline of Audience: 
Master students in economics, political science, and sociology
Course Materials: