International Round Table "EU's Five Guiding Principles of the EU's Policy towards Russia v. Valdai Club Report on future of EU-Russia Relations: What does it mean for Ukraine?"

On October 4th 2016 distinguished European, Russian and Ukrainian academics and experts discussed the Five Guiding Principles of the EU’s Policy towards Russia and the Valdai Club Report “Russian and the European Union: Three Questions Concerning New Principles in Bilateral Relations” released in 2016. The event focused on discussing the impact of these documents on Ukraine and beyond.

Speakers: Prof. Roman Petrov (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine); Prof. Peter Van Elsuwege (Ghent University, Belgium) (via skype); Prof. Paul Kalinichenko (Kutafin Moscow Law University, Russia) (via skype); Dr. Tatiana Romanova (St. Petersburg State University, Russia) (via skype); Dr. Stefan Lorenzmeier (University of Augsburg, Germany); Dr. Marek Lenc (Matej Bel University, Slovak Republic) (via skype).