Professor Dagmar Schiek's workshops

Professor Dagmar Schiek, Director Centre for European Law and Legal Studies, Jean Monnet ad personam Chair (University of Leeds, UK)

Conducted the following workshops for members of staff of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on 20-23 November 2012.


Workshop 1. "Socio-legal studies" or "law as a social science?" Workshop on interdisciplinary and crossdisciplinary methods for legal research projects

The workshop introduces some methods associated with socio-legal studies, including comparative legal studies and research on the role of Courts in democracies as well as qualitative socio-legal studies

Workshop 2. Contemporary issues of EU Law

Prof. Schiek gave an overview of projects in field of EU legal studies conducted presently, including funding lines under the FP7 (where neighbouring countries can be included as additional partners, and can profit from International Fellowships under the Marie Curie programme)

Workshop 3. Workshop on thesis supervision techniques

The workshop first introduced different models of PhD supervision (Graduate school vs employment) and then discussed how PhD studies can be organized. In the models introduced, supervision is only one element of the PhD process, as enriching the process through other elements is particularly conducive to nurture academic independence.