Research Methods: What are research methods?


What are the research methods

Research methods are the strategies, processes, or techniques utilized in the collection of data or evidence for analysis in order to uncover new information or create a better understanding of a topic.

There are different types of research methods that use different tools for data collection, such as (1) Qualitative Research; (2) Quantitative Research; and (3) Mixed Methods Research.

An Overview of Research Strategy

Research methodology in a research study is considered as an important element, and therefore determining the method of research methodology is a very important section in the study. Research methodology is useful to establish the structure of research, such as strategy, approach, research philosophy, and components of the methodology.

Writing Your Research Paper Methodology

Saunders, M., Lewis, P., & Thornhill, A., in the book "Research Methods for Business Students", proposed the concept of the research onion model to help researchers develop a methodology and construct research design techniques within the field of future studies. This research onion model has six main layers, which serve as a step-by-step guide for researchers on how to write a research methodology.

Steps in research method

Research is a systematic way of answering questions about the world. It is intended to increase knowledge about the process of developing an understanding of the natural laws governing the universe; innovations or new ideas; commitment and technological advantages, which will improve the welfare of humanity.

Data collection within the research methodology


The entire research planning, design, and literature review processes converge at the data collection stage. All the critical thinking is a preparation for the actual process of collecting primary data on the topic of the research. Additionally, the researcher must also have the data analysis plan established before planning data collection, and data analysis requires clarity about:

Questions in research methodology

1. Categories of questions

The questions included in the questionnaire should individually and collectively provide the data required for successful achievement of the research objectives. A well-constructed questionnaire also has a range of question categories, each consisting of a small number of related questions, intended to elicit information of a particular type relating to the research topic.

Introduction to Research Summary

A research summary is the part of your research paper that describes its findings to the audience in a brief yet concise manner. A well-curated research summary represents you and your knowledge about the information written in the research paper.

While writing a quality research summary, you need to discover and identify the significant points in the research and condense it in a more straightforward form. A research summary is like a doorway that provides access to the structure of a research paper's sections.