Master class on doing doctoral research in EU Studies

Impact and aims of the course: 

The aim of the course is to transfer a complex set of research, oral and writing skills to doctoral students to enable them independently design, conduct, present and write up research projects and papers in their chosen area of research focusing on international and European legal studies in English.

The course will lead students through all steps of research and writing in line with best practices, formal requirements and international standards of research in broad area of legal studies. All the assignments are based on the topics that students choose for their actual master dissertations, thus allowing to start design and structuring their research projects under guidance of the lecturer and feedback of their peers. Focus of the course is to give chance for doctoral students to present their individual research projects for public discussion and debate in English.

The learning outcomes of the course focus on the following skills 1) development of critical thinking in doing international research; 2) learning contemporary means of working with fundamental and reference literature in relevant fields of research; 3) enhancing skills in designing research in the field of international and European law; 4) articulating and developing own style of writing academic texts in line with best international practices; 5) mastering skills of oral presentation; 6) learning contemporary means of academic time management.