The goals of the project are the following:

1) improving knowledge of professors and researchers, who are already involved in teaching and researching the EU CSDP – through access to informational resources, local and foreign expertise, scholarly networks, assistance in conducting research in multilateral research projects, publishing their results, presenting them at various fora, aiming at their practical use; raising awareness about the EU security and defence among other members of the academia – not yet involved in teaching and research of EU studies;

2) raising awareness about contemporary research possibilities in field of the EU CSDP among leaders and activists of NGOs, on how to improve EU visibility through their activities;

3) improving knowledge and raising awareness among civil servants which will gradually change their mind on the prospects of Ukraine's integration into the EU CSDP through participation in the JM Chair activities and events;

4) improving quality of expertise in the sphere of the EU CSDP, by stimulating the linkages between the academia, non-governmental organisations, local administrations and central government. 

5) raising awareness about doing research in the EU CSDP among the youth – through offering choice in studying subjects they would be interested to study, reversing the negative (post-Soviet) views on the European Union policies in the area of security and defence;

6) improving knowledge of journalists on various issues of the EU CSDP, through access to expertise and events;

7) developing online teaching and dissemination of knowledge and expertise in the area of the EU CSDP.